Direct Marketing for Non-Profits

Elevate Your Fundraising Efforts with Advanced Technologies

What if technology-focused solutions could help you create stress-free donor communications and increase the number of touchpoints in your non-profit direct mail fundraising campaigns while increasing awareness and donor engagement?

It’s more than possible.

With Splash, you’ll find innovative direct marketing strategies that help you meet your goals and further your non-profit’s mission by building long-lasting donor relationships – using highly-effective, scalable direct response fundraising solutions.

It’s time to take a savvy multichannel approach to your donor communications. With strategic non-profit direct mail services that include digital integration and the latest in marketing automation, you’ll have access to the technologies and expertise to reach donors on their favorite channels (and get noticed!)

Complete Multichannel Direct Mail Services for Non-Profits

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  • Data Management
  • Donor List Segmentation
  • 1:1 Personalization
  • High-Quality Print and Mail
  • Responsive Digital Output
  • Digital Ads and Retargeting
  • Web Tracking and Lead Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • SOC 2 and HIPAA Compliance (an added benefit of a strategic direct mail partner!)

Direct Mail Outsourcing for Non-Profit Marketing Agencies

We know that as a direct mail agency managing programs across many non-profit clients or charities, you may require additional services or outsourcing to support your fundraising campaigns.

At Splash, we take a donor-centric approach and can help you maximize donor value with strategic solutions that cultivate and build relationships. You’ll find direct mail services for non-profits custom-tailored to the needs of non-profit organizations, including personalized donor letters and the savviest multichannel campaigns that utilize the latest and greatest marketing automation.

huge rolls of paper.

We’re here to complement your services and maximize ROI – from targeted lists and database analytics to data processing/composition and response analysis. Plus, we’re print, mail and secure data experts.

Sophisticated Direct Mail Print Capabilities

Complex print needs? No problem. We’re equipped to handle your unique print requirements using a variety of sophisticated tools and techniques. We’ll handle your inline perforations, allowing fundraiser RSVP or response cards, donation cards, pledge forms and donation receipts to be easily separated by folding and tearing along the dotted line. We’ll also help you maximize personalization utilizing the slit nest and fold technique to include a loose donation or fundraiser card within a matching personalized donation request or appeal letter – all done inline in the printing process.  

Direct Mail Services for Non-Profit Organizations Featuring Marketing Automation

Create effective, scalable programs that streamline your non-profit direct mail fundraising efforts and add digital marketing to increase touchpoints and donations – all with sophisticated marketing automation.

An envelope, letterhead and website on a monitor for donation requests

Simplify Complex Non-Profit Fundraising Campaigns

Donation request and appeal Letters are such a vital part of donor outreach. The number of data elements used in a data-driven direct response letter campaign can be overwhelming, especially across multiple causes and programs; nationwide chapters, locations and affiliates; clients and brands (agencies).

Let’s see if you can relate:

  • Do you send data-driven, recurring, high-volume direct marketing campaigns that drive donor engagement?
  • Are your campaign processes inefficient or disjointed?
  • Are you an agency that manages programs across many non-profit clients?
  • Are you experiencing outdated vendor capabilities (e.g., manual data processing, long lead times for edits and changes, lack of visibility into program and production processes, the use of pre-printed shells, and poor postage or inventory management)?

It’s time to have full control over your fundraising letters and creative packages.

splash velocity logo.

With Velocity, you can seamlessly set up new campaigns and manage all campaign elements in one portal. You’ll have access to a cohesive and cost-effective direct mail automation platform that combines custom print and digital solutions to help you scale complex non-profit direct marketing campaigns. It’s letter template management that’s designed to improve and streamline your campaign processes, so you can focus on reaching more donors and supporting your cause. 

Enhance Fundraising Appeal Letters with Digital Outreach

The journey of your direct mail fundraising can be so much more than just a printed mailpiece. Think of the POWER of adding digital marketing to direct mail.

It’s time to extend your reach online starting with a single print campaign.

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person holding a tablet with a donation request and a coffee.

With Amplify, you’ll get a results-driven integrated marketing solution that drastically increases the number of touchpoints in a direct mail fundraising campaign by delivering your message on all of the popular digital channels.

  • Reach potential donors with non-profit mailers that integrate pre- and post-mail touchpoints into your direct marketing strategy
  • Utilize the latest digital technologies, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google and USPS Informed Delivery to deliver online ads and targeted messages to your mailing list
  • Ensure no potential donor is left behind with continuous online exposure
  • Identify anonymous web visitors and retarget them with direct mail
  • A strong social and online presence can increase awareness and donations with strategic ads that draw more attention to your cause

Strategic Communications throughout the Donor Lifecycle

Timing is everything.

We understand that acquiring new donors, retaining existing donors and optimizing the level of contributions are paramount to your direct response fundraising programs – and that strategic, ongoing communication is essential throughout the donor lifecycle.

From the acquisition phase to renewals and special donations, we’ll help you target the right donor list, with the right message to the right target audience at exactly the right time – utilizing non-charity direct mail marketing services designed to impress and engage.

Top Reasons for Donor Outreach

Man next to a mailbox holding nonprofit direct mail flyers
  • New Donors
  • Retention and Renewals
  • Special Appeals

Types of Fundraising Direct Mailers

  • Fundraising Appeal Letters
  • Donation Request Letters
  • Thank You Letters
  • Advocacy Letters
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Fundraiser Mailers
  • Booklets
  • And More

Personalization with Variable Data Printing

What a difference a name can make.

  • Adding a name to your direct mailpiece can increase response rates by 135%
  • 60% of donors value a personalized experience when interacting with non-profits and charities
  • Only 44 % are satisfied with the level of personalization they currently receive*
commercial printing equipment with color swatches being printed.

Using data to produce personalized direct mailpieces allows you to fully customize your images and text by each individual donor for your non-profit or charity – speaking directly to the recipient for maximum impact. Adding personalization helps your donors feel appreciated and strengthens the connection they feel with your organization – which can lead to more donations and long-term donor relationships.

*Source: Accenture Non-Profit Citizen Survey

How You Can Personalize Your Non-Profit Mailers

  • Refer to donors by name
  • Include the year of their first gift or how long they’ve been a supporter
  • Highlight how the donors have interacted with your non-profit or charity
  • Remind them of their relationship with your organization
  • Include the specific amount of previous support

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