Effortlessly Scale Complex Direct Mail Campaigns

Full organization and scalability are within reach!

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Your Print Marketing

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If you're still managing complex variable data print campaigns manually - on your own or with the help of a vendor - there are a lot of spreadsheets, instructions, and artwork to keep up to date and in order.

Scale your results more quickly with an innovative tool that manages every aspect of your marketing communications – even addressing complex data relationships with ease. (Yes, we said “ease.”)

You can streamline your variable data printing campaigns, with full control of your letter templates, creative content and packaging – all in your own custom portal. This cutting-edge marketing automation solution greatly reduces production times while providing the latest in full-color inkjet technology for eye-catching output.

It's called scalable direct mail campaign management for a reason. Print marketing automation works for all types of companies with many letters, print assets, and complex logic requirements. Any business with multiple locations, brands or chapters will find the Velocity Print Marketing Automation Platform beneficial in simplifying the many components of managing large-scale direct marketing campaigns.

  • Non-profits

  • Dealerships

  • Franchises

  • Agencies

  • HOAs

  • Universities

So, how can
Velocity help you?

With Velocity, the amount of data used in your complex marketing campaigns becomes 100% manageable.

Meet your marketing growth strategies and get to market faster, knowing that your campaigns are accurate, even across many entities (advanced campaigns are our specialty!).

Did we mention Scalable?

You'll have the tools to ramp up quickly with a manageable number of letter templates and streamlined asset management. Real-time, 24/7 online access means you can update campaign information on the fly, with no delays.

Plus, production times are greatly reduced due to the elimination of manual composition and processing of data, logic and letter templates. Automated processes also mean fewer mistakes.

It's time to rock
your complex campaigns:

  • Fully manage campaigns in an easily accessible portal

  • Easily update intricate campaigns that normally require developers

  • Automate processes to save time and
    minimize mistakes

  • Eliminate long programming times and quickly get to market

  • Generate more revenue and focus on new opportunities

  • Experience maximum organization and structure

components of
ofefficient campaign
campaign management

State-of-the-art print &
mail production processes and technology

A user-friendly portal tied to a comprehensive database make it quick and easy to set up new campaigns while you seamlessly manage
ALL campaign elements in one
accessible location.

Online letter writing & template management

The streamlined letter template management
process works with the campaign portal to give
you full control over your creative package.
You can view, enter, and update information
on-demand and without developer

Customized Campaign Management Portal

No Velocity portal is alike. Each portal
is built around your specific data and
campaign requirements, making it 100%
custom and purpose-built for you.

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