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Next-Level Direct Response Marketing Strategies

June 10, 2024 by FSSI Splash

Direct mail is powerful. It gets more reads and actions than any other marketing channel. With the average number of digital communications at an all-time high (the average office worker receives 120 emails per day), it’s the well-designed, customized and tangible direct mailpiece that gets the most attention. ¹ Why? Think digital fatigue.

Elevated Direct Mail. Forward-Thinking Direct Marketing Campaigns.

Direct mail provides a “tactile” marketing experience that resonates with customers, giving them something to touch and hold – an experience that is further enhanced with an array of types, formats, colors, and variable data and graphics. A 1:1 personalized, data-driven mailpiece optimizes the customer experience with a targeted journey. Combined with an integrated marketing approach, your campaign reach is amplified for optimal results.

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Impactful Direct Mail. Maximum Response Rates.

How does direct mail measure up? There are many key performance indicators, but it’s the impact of a well-crafted mailpiece that speaks the loudest:

Performance Driven

Direct mail performs better than any digital marketing medium, with activity five to nine times greater than email, paid search or social media ²

Attention Getting

A tangible, hardcopy mailpiece resonates most with people (even millennials, with 77% paying attention to direct mail) ³


Consumer recall is 70% higher with direct mail than it is with digital marketing ⁴


56% of people feel that print advertising is the most trustworthy form of marketing ⁴

Personalized Marketing That Resonates

A sophisticated direct response marketing campaign utilizes personalization and data to connect with customers in a highly-customized way. The targeted and meaningful direct mailpiece – with text, graphics and images changing from one piece to the next – is more likely to get noticed and elicit a response. Add in a targeted list and the results increase even more (up to 9% with a house list).¹

  • 1:1 Marketing
  • Personalized Messaging
  • Targeted List Purchasing
  • Highly-Customized Communications
  • Eye-Catching and Meaningful Design
  • Data-Driven Content and Visuals
  • Advanced Data Micro-Modeling and Analytics
  • In-Depth Campaign Results and Attribution
  • High Performance, Responsive Team

Amplify logo

Introducing Amplify: An End-To-End Multichannel Solution

What happens when you combine cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true marketing principles? You get the perfect combination of savvy and reliable, a completely hands-off automated approach.

Integrated Marketing: Maximum Exposure

Imagine the same message being seen multiple times across multiple channels – an effective end-to-end campaign that ties in print and digital media to deliver and reinforce your message. With an integrated marketing approach, a personalized mailpiece is sent to the right recipient at exactly the right time, complemented with online ads and tracked in real-time. (Note: Direct mail has a 118% higher response rate when paired with a digital ad!)¹ When your message has multiple touchpoints, you experience higher response rates, engagement and overall ROI.

  • Highly Effective Direct Response Marketing Plan
  • Multiple Touchpoints to Amplify Your Reach
  • Strategic Retargeting with Online Ads
  • Real-Time Mail, Phone and Web Tracking
  • Comprehensive Marketing Attribution
  • In-Depth Response Analysis

Print and Mail Expertise. Cutting-edge Technology.

Where other direct mail companies leave off, Splash is just getting started – big enough to work on a large scale, and small enough to be fast, flexible and responsive. There is a constant re-investment in next-level, high-quality technology to provide cutting-edge solutions. Being one step ahead of innovation, you get the most advanced print and mail technologies, up-to-the-minute 24/7 workflow tracking and highly-customized communications. Your high-impact direct mailpiece is sent on time and tracked all the way to the mailbox with 100% mail integrity.

Data Handling and Security Standards. Ultimate Safeguards

There is a long-standing history of working with customers in highly-regulated, compliance-driven industries, meaning confidential data is handled like a pro. The building, departments and network are purpose-built for ironclad security, with the most advanced behind-the-scenes technologies and best practices. SOC 1, SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance signify a commitment to maintaining the accuracy and integrity of your data – passing these audits with no exceptions. Across-the-board protection and secure processes maintain the quality standards that keep your information safe.


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